Next Big Idea

So the thought that has been on my mind nonstop lately, besides the whole finding a teaching job thing, is that I need to hit on another big selling point for my business. I’ve got the “make your own stuffed animals” and “Glamour Girl” workshops, which I love but what else can I offer?

Here’s what I need:




I think my next project will be developing birthday party packages all based around some popular themes.

So enough of my ranting and on to some useful advice for myself and anyone in my position looking for the next big idea:

Take a look at Oriental Trading.

Either get a catalogue or visit there website (or call 800.228.2269 even.)

This company has everything! Their motto is “Fun products for every occasion!” They have party supplies, craft supplies, toys, games, craft kits, and a line called “Hands on Fun” which has everything you need for classroom activities for all occasions. This would be really helpful for daycares.“Hands on Fun” has a line of fabric markers that Noah’s Ark Animal Workshop uses for their “Color-A-Shirt” activities so you know they must be good. If nothing else, I use them.

All I have to do is look through some of these catalogs and I am bound to come up with some sort of amazing idea.

Here’s one now: Carnival games! Like duck pond. They sell those. I wonder if people would pay to have my crew come and run a small carnival in their backyard… My friends and I raised a lot of money with a backyard carnival for a good cause when we were like 13.

Well I am off to explore the Oriental Trading catalogs strewn about my floor. Then, I think I will take a look at “The Penny Whistle Birthday Party Book” which I picked up at the local library along with 16 other books on the subject of activities for children. Expect quite a few book reviews in the near future.


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