Tips of all sorts

I got a $45 tip over the weekend! That is one major perk of the “edutainment” industry.

Speaking of tips…here are two important ones that have been on my mind as I plot my future in this business:

1. You must control the food. I’ve been doing a lot of research and if you can supply the food for events then you can rake in the big bucks. Some places will let you bring in your own food but I have heard from several small business owners that there are some major liability issues associated with this. Plus, you would rather your clients spend every cent they budgeted for their event with you. One place I know makes pizza, chicken fingers, and other kiddie food on site and has cakes and cupcakes made for them at a local bakery and charges accordingly. They also have special catering services available but everything they offer is fairly simple. You don’t have to be a professional chief to make the most of the food situation.

2. You MUST find a way to have indoor and outdoor events. In the winter places with indoor parties are very popular but come summer people feel more comfortable having the party in their own backyard.  I think having an outdoor picnic area at you facility is a major plus. Another way to work around this is to offer your party planning services at people’s homes. If your facility is air conditioned I would advertise this big time in the summer because sometimes it is just too darn hot to have a party in your backyard…use this to your advantage.

So those are my tips: Control the food, control the weather, and $45!!!


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