Face paint for dummies

I consider myself a creative person but I cannot draw to save my life. I can’t paint on paper let alone on the face of a fidgety child. I once tricked my sister into doing face painting at a event for the museum. It was a nightmare and she hasn’t forgiven me yet.

However, I did want to add face painting to the list of things I can do when I discovered “Stamp Too Kits” They are made by the Stampin’ Up company and are a fast and easy alternative to face paint. Each kit comes with FDA approved markers and an FDA approved ink pad specially made to use on skin. They also come with several cute stamps. There is a boy kit and a girl kit (I bought both) but once you have the ink pads and markers you can use any stamps with them. Kids love them, they are easy to use, easy to wash off, and only take a few seconds to put on.  If you bought a bunch of cheap rubber stamps you would be set for any themed event you did. The kits cost like $15 each but last a really long time.

Two weeks ago I face painted 24 kids in 2 minutes! I gave every girl a butterfly and every boy a shark. They looked professional but with no hassle. Another nice thing is that if you want to get fancy you can buy more detailed stamps and use multiple colors.

Currently, I am offering free “Stamp Too” face art every 2009 workshop I do. So far it has been a big hit!

Hot Tip: The girl kit comes with a crown stamp. I like to give this one to Birthday Girls/Boys only. It makes them feel special and it helps you remember which kid is the birthday child.

If you would like to know more check out http://www.stampinup.com and look under Products-Stamps-Kids. I think it’s on the third page.


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