Pretty in Pink Princess Workshop

So I hosted this event at my mom’s store last weekend and it was a huge hit! I wanted to share with my blog what I just posted on the NAAW board about it. That way any readers..ha ha..maybe someday…lol can modify this for their own party…that is if they live too far away to book me.

All the girls reserved a spot in advance. We had a very small group because we were doing this in a small classroom but this could easily work for a large group. They flier informed all the girls to wear their best princess outfit and everyone did!

When the girls arrived the “Princess” (my sister dressed in a pink prom dress and tiara) greeted them at the door. They walked through a doorway covered in streamers and into the classroom. As all the princesses were arriving everyone colored their take home bags.

Once everyone was there, I introduced myself as their Fairy Godmother Katie ( I dressed the part, complete with GIANT fairy wings) and my lovely assistant Princess Kelly. Then I read “Princesses are Pretty” out loud and we talked about what it means to be a princess.

Then, I asked them what a princess needs…A crown! I gave each girl a pink foamie tiara that we decorated with foamie stickers. Then we decorated wands with foamie stickers. The wands were a craft kit from JoAnn Fabrics. The crowns and stickers came from JoAnns and Hobby Lobby.

Next we made our stuffable purses (each girl picked their animal when they registered.) I did my usual rainbow wishing star ceremony and I had Princess Kelly help with the birth certificates while I closed up the animals. Then I gave each girl a Princess Crown ‘Stamp’Too’

Then we took a group picture and some individual pictures in the “fashion show.” Then we played a “Put Cinderella in the Castle” game I found at a local party supply store for like $3. In the next game we played each girl tried to “walk like a Princess” while balancing a book on her head. Then we played some Disney music I got from online and all the princesses did their best pose, princess waive, curtsy, and dance.

Finally, we all sat back down at the table and talked about how princesses have good manners. Then I served sugar cookies with pink frosting (from the grocery store) and pink lemonade with pink cups, plates and napkins.

While the girls ate I gave a little talk about what Noah’s Ark Animal Workshop is because the moms all stayed in the room. I didn’t get any bookings but everyone signed up on the mailing list and is really looking forward to the next event.

I only charged $12 per child at this event so I probably only broke even. Next time I plan to charge more like $15. The reason I charged so little was because when I came up with the price I didn’t plan on doing wands or cookies and punch.

All I did for decorations was put put pink and princess table covers (we used 3 tables total, ) hang streamers in the doorway, hang the game up on the wall because it was a plastic poster of a castle with Disney Princesses on it, put the cookies on pretty plates, put the punch in a fancy pitcher I borrowed, and put a castle shaped box I got at the dollar store in the center of one of the tables. Instant Princess Palace!

If you would like to check out the pictures I have a link posted on my website

www. katelynsark. com

If you have any questions or ideas to share let me know! This was A LOT of fun!


Read Across America

In honor of the birthday of Theodore S. Geisel a.ka. Dr. Seuss I invite you all to not only remember the Lorax but to check out an idea from a lesser known work “Bartholomew and the Ooobleck”and make some oobleck!

Step One: Check out this book from your local library!After all, Dr. Seuss’ birthday is celebrated with “Read Across America Day!”

Step Two: Make some Ooobleck! It’s a Non-Newtonian Fluid, which means it isn’t a solid or a liquid.

Here are some directions I found on Google:

YOU NEED: a large mixing bowl, mixing spoon, green food coloring, 10 cups of cornstarch,6 cups of room temperature water

DIRECTIONS: Put water in the large bowl and add food coloring drop by drop until the water turns green. Mix in the cornstarch a cup at a time. Mix thoroughly. Have some extra cornstarch available for thickening the mixture (I always have to add more.)

Enjoy! You can bounce it, roll it in your hands, then let it ooze through your fingers. If you had enough you can even run across it! As seen on Mythbusters, the Ninja Myth Episode. There are some great clips of this on youtube if you search oobleck!

Have fun! Just don’t invite any hat wearing felines in to play!