Read Across America

In honor of the birthday of Theodore S. Geisel a.ka. Dr. Seuss I invite you all to not only remember the Lorax but to check out an idea from a lesser known work “Bartholomew and the Ooobleck”and make some oobleck!

Step One: Check out this book from your local library!After all, Dr. Seuss’ birthday is celebrated with “Read Across America Day!”

Step Two: Make some Ooobleck! It’s a Non-Newtonian Fluid, which means it isn’t a solid or a liquid.

Here are some directions I found on Google:

YOU NEED: a large mixing bowl, mixing spoon, green food coloring, 10 cups of cornstarch,6 cups of room temperature water

DIRECTIONS: Put water in the large bowl and add food coloring drop by drop until the water turns green. Mix in the cornstarch a cup at a time. Mix thoroughly. Have some extra cornstarch available for thickening the mixture (I always have to add more.)

Enjoy! You can bounce it, roll it in your hands, then let it ooze through your fingers. If you had enough you can even run across it! As seen on Mythbusters, the Ninja Myth Episode. There are some great clips of this on youtube if you search oobleck!

Have fun! Just don’t invite any hat wearing felines in to play!


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