Under the Sea

Here is an old post from the museum yahoo group. I thought I would post it up here.

“One of the programs we do at Akron Fossils and Science Center is
called Super Science Saturday. We do it the second Saturday of every
month at 1:30. This event is geared specifically toward 5-10 year
olds. Children participate in a science experiment or demonstration
and do a craft on an exciting topic.

Last week, we had a Super Science Saturday titled “Under the Sea.”
We introduced the topic by playing a video clip with the song “Under
the Sea” from “The Little Mermaid”, next we watch a slide show I had
made with pictures of diffrent sea animals and while we looked at the
pictures I read facts about the animals. When we got to pictures of
the bottle nosed dolphin and killer whale we listened to WCRF’s
Nature Corner interviews between Uncle Bob and those animals. Then we
did a demonstration to illustrate how and why the ocean has tides and
waves. We ended our class by making jellyfish windsocks out of paper
bowls and streamers. I focused on jellyfish because the local zoo is
opening a special exhibit on them this summer and I always try to
make our programs relate to things that are popular with kids at the
moment because 1. it’s a money maker and 2. people like to see the
creationist perspective on what they are seeing other places.

Our next Super Science Saturday is “Amazing Astronomy” and if anyone
has any ideas they would like to share, I would love the input! I am
an education major (4th-9th grades) with concentrations in language
arts and social studies and while I am really good at coming up with
fun activities ,especially “hooks” and crafts, I lack a science

We have done Super Science Saturdays on topics like “Under the
Sea”, “Dangerous Dragons”, “Messy Matter”, “Awesome
Amphibians”, “Going Buggy”, “World Wide Flood”, “The Food Web”, “Were
the Wolly Mammoths really woolly?”, “Diggin’ Dinos”, “Fantastic
Fossils”, “Things that go bump in the night”, “Nature’s Burried
Treasures”, “Volcanoes”, “Oh, Ohio”,”Bubbleology” and more that I
can’t remember the titles of at the moment.

We also do a day camp called “Truassic Park Adventure Camp” for
students ages 4-11. Camp runs 9:30-12:30 and everyday day has a
diffrent theme (Dinosaur Day, Nature Day, Fossil Day, and Adventure
Day) and every activity we do (lecture, craft, science project,
snack, and game)reinforces that days theme (yes, even snack!)

I also have some great things we do for birthdays, including
new “Stuff n’Fluff Dinos” but I realize this post is really long, so
just ask, lol!

I would love to share my any of the projects we have done with you! I
have a lot of craft ideas, lesson plans, fun snacks, a few power
points,science projects, and some puppet shows I’ve been working on.
So if anyone needs anything, please let me know. It is really hard to
find good stuff out there so we need to all stick together.


P.S. We are doing Under the Sea again this summer along with Awesome Amphibians and Bubbleology.


Percy Jackson: The begining of the end

So a student recommended this series of books to me.  It’s called Percy Jackson and the Olympians. It’s not exactly what I would call “classic” and it is clearly a rip off  Harry Potter but with Greek mythology instead of wizards.  Percy is Harry complete with special parents and a prophecy, Annabeth is Hermione…a know it all, and Grover is Ron…a well meaning but comic friend.

Now the student that recommended this series to me was what you would call a trouble maker. He wrote X-rated things on desks and spent a lot of time in detention. So when he told me that I had to read a series of books and even loaned me the first one, I had to investigate.

Now, I’m addicted. The books are totally written for kids. It almost sounds like a kid wrote it.

I am getting way to emotionally invested in the characters and the prophecy that surrounds them. They had a “Cedric Diggory” moment at the start of the “Last Olympian” which led me to stay up reading until 2 a.m.  Every book starts of with a prophecy that leads the characters on a quest. By the end of the book the prophecy’s true meaning is revealed and you get that feeling you got at the end of every year at Hogworts when Dumbledore and Harry would have a little second to last chapter chat. I’m sure there is a literary term for that but I am sleep deprived and sitting the Beadtini Boutique using the stores new laptop so don’t expect anything profound!

I fully intend to write a review of the series and develop a plan for using these books in a classroom. I mean, a way to get kids into Greek Mythology? Yes please! 

Overall, I wouldn’t say this series is as good as Harry Potter but it’s an ok substitute. It’s like when I gave up pop for lent and got addicted to Gold Peek Tea.

I will be posting more about this but I a getting kicked out of the store.

Good Shepherd

An interesting opportunity has come my way. It’s one I am not sure I will take but one that falls under the blanket of creativity none the less.

It’s called “Catechesis of the Good Shepard” and it’s essentially Montessori PSR.

For those of who who aren’t Catholic and education nerds like myself:

PSR is Parish School of Religion and it’s basically Catholic Sunday School. I used to go to it classes in high school and teach the 4 yr old class.Yeah, I’m a nerd and actually enjoyed it!

Montessori is a hands-on, child centered approach to teaching pre-school and early elementary school students.

I have the opportunity to take some classes and get certified to teach this unique program. Problem is: it’s a volunteer (meaning: unpaid) position and I would have to commit to it for like at least 2 years.

My financial situation aside, I wanted to find some information on this unique program. It was actually hard to find so I thought I would post a link to its website here.  http://www.cgsusa.org

It sounds like a really neat program.