Kids and the value of crafts

So while at work I am researching frog crafts online for the “Awesome Amphibians” programĀ I am doing at the museum on Saturday. I was looking on the DLTK website for ideas and I found an interesting article.

It is about how to do a craft with a young child. So often I feel like when the kids come home from my camp with their crafts, the parents are a little unhappy that the crafts aren’t “pretty.” All the crafts we do at camp the kids make 100% their own. Sometimes we will pre-cut the pieces or help them glue things together but it’s always their own project.

This article boosted my morale and I’ve decided to make a slide in the camp parents slide show about why we do the crafts and projects we do.

With kids and crafts, it’s all about imagination, creativity, and developing skills not whose paper butterfly is the prettiest.

I must get back to work but please check out this great article:


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