I know what you are thinking but this has nothing to do with Star Trek! Ha ha! I tricked you! Actually, after six years Jordan finally asked me to marry him! We are super excited!


With both Jordan and being so creative and with my family known for throwing some of the most creative and fun events of all time (old friends still talk about the legendary middle school parties) people have been asking us what the plans are.


Well here is the official plan for the wedding so far:


We will be getting married next October either the 29th or 30th at Sacred Heart Church with a reception at a local community center.


Yes, it is a Halloween themed wedding.


Now when I say Halloween themed wedding people either think I am crazy or begin to picture me in a black wedding dress and a reception with décor more suited to a funeral. We want nothing of the sort. If that’s what you are into…cool! More power to ya! Get creative and do your thing.


For Jordan and I, that’s not the look we are going for. Our colors are going to be black, purple, orange, and green. I do plan to wear a traditional wedding dress. The way I look at it this will be my chance to be a princess for Halloween.


We are planning on doing this wedding on a tight budget and use a lot of DIY power! We are making our own invites, programs, and decorate big time!!


Hopefully, I will be able to blog my DIY bride adventures here at least once a week.


Off to work I go.


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