Wedding Update

I’ve been pushing my creative side to the max these days. Besides lesson planning for my sixth and seventh graders I have been planning for the Hallowedding!

The ceremony site is picked, the date is pretty much set, the reception site may be handled too.

The big news:

I bought my dress! It’s beautiful and exactly what I wanted. It was a bargain!

Here’s the scoop:

I went to David’s Bridal and found a dress I loved that was $160 over my budget. I decided to put dress shopping on hold while I worked on other things.

I got an e-mail about this “Bridal Cents” company that was having a small vendor show in Akron featuring great deals on gowns.¬† My mother, grandma, sister/maid of honor, and I went to check it out. My aunt met up with us too. Girls day out!!

At first I was really disappointed. Not only was the selection really limited but the gowns were really expensive. I found one that had everything I wanted. In fact it was exactly like the David’s Bridal gown but with more beads, it was perfect…except it was $700! More than at the store! I tried on a bunch of dresses but I really loved that one.

The owner came out and talked with us and I explained that while I loved the dress it was just more than I could spend. She offered to $575 with any veil and tiara/headband included. I thanked her and told her I would think about  it and come back later. She told me to hold on for a moment and then came back and said she would do it for $500 with a veil and tiara/ headband included. I told her I was concerned about alterations being so pricey. She assured me that if I went with their seamstress alterations would not be more than $150.

I agreed so now I have my dream dress being custom made for me, a pretty veil, and a silver and pearl daisy headband for my budget!

Victory is mine!

I also hit up all the after Halloween sales. I got great deals on some cute candle holders for the cake table, I clean the town out of cauldrons, and…my favorite…a plate holder with spiders on it for the dessert display.


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