You are what you wear.

I have been thinking about fashion a lot lately. This is partly because since August I have been working at a job where I have to dress professionally every day. Another reason is that I have been running into people I haven’t seen since high school and they all remark how different I look. I hadn’t realized how much I had changed these past five years since I see myself everyday.

When I was in high school my favorite outfit consisted of bell-bottom jeans, a fitted “Wonder Woman” t-shirt, cat-eyed glasses, black dress shoes with funky laces, an assortment of tacky jewelry,and a purse with like a dozen key chains hanging off of it. Throw my Speech Team bowling shirt or my varsity jacket over it all and I was ready to take on anything.

Today I put on boot-cut jeans, a dress shirt, vest, high heels, silver and crystal jewelry, and my beautiful engagement ring to feel my best.

I think I still dress in my own unique style I just wear the grown up version of it.

I have run in to a few people who look exactly the same and dress exactly the same as they did in high school. I think this is sad in away. I like changing. I like looking like the adult that I am and getting the respect I have earned.

I am a different person on the inside now, shouldn’t I look like it on the outside?

Sometimes I wonder if people think I am a “sell out” but honestly I don’t care. I am who I am and I believe what I believe. I dress how I need to in order to get my voice heard.

My big fashion epiphany happened a few years ago as I was walking through the Kent State Student Center.

There we two tables set up with information about a political issue. On one side of my was the conservative view point. Manning the table was a female student about my age wearing dress pants, dress shoes, and solid color sweater. She politely came up to me, handed me a pamphlet about her issue and explained her organizations view point in a short and straight forward way. I thanked the nice lady and moved on.

On the other side was the liberal view point’s table. Manning that table was another female student about my age. She was wear jeans with a variety of pictures and quotes scrawled on with sharpie, a “Reptar” t-shirt, an excessive amount of jewelry and piercings, and multicolored hair. Unfortunately, I did not hear the liberal position on this issue because…to be honest…this young woman looked a little unfriendly and intimidating.

I walked away thinking that it was sad that people might not hear what this woman had to say because they may have been intimidating like I was.

When you are dealing with people you need to dress the part. People will judge you on how you look. I don’t know if my students would take me seriously if I dressed like I did in high school but I know they do now. I didn’t take this girl in the Student Center seriously because she was dressed like one of the girls you’d see smoking in the girls bathroom back at my old high school.

I realized I could easily be this girl. That my voice may not be heard because people were too intimidating by how I dress or think that my choice in outfit means I am not serious about my message.

I guess what I am trying to say is that my look has evolved to reflect who I am in life and so my voice can be heard. Has your look changed?


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