Around the “Townhouse” 1: The Grooviest Chair in the World!

I love anything vintage and tacky! I probably have the worst taste in the world…I mean I collect troll dolls…doesn’t that say it all?

One of the grooviest…err…most groovy…..things I own has to be my green chair and ottoman set. I used to have a second green chair that went with it but sadly it did not survive college dorm life. I’m just thankful I survived dorm life but that’s another story….

These beauties came from Goodwill and have to be my best thrift store find ever!


The above picture was taken at my parents’ house the day we bought it in 2004 (I think.) Note the blue/teal and green floral cushions and shaggy green upholstery; it looks like something out of The Brady Bunch’s den. Needless to say, it looks even better in our “townhouse.”

That's Classy!

Check that out! Not only is it a groovy chair but check out the retro accessories!

We have a stuffed frog resting comfortably on top of a crochet blanket we inherited from Jordan’s family. Underneath them we have two of the the most retro throw pillows in the world (also from Jordan’s family,) a lime green shaggy pillow a friend and I bought at Wal-Mart years ago on a late night trip, and next to that we have the infamous screaming monkey…seriously…it looks like a cute little monkey but pull the string on its back and it screams and shakes….I don’t know why! On the ottoman we have a lime green fleece blanket and my America road trip pillow that turns into a blanket that my grandma made me when I was a kid.

See now this is some inexpensive home decor you won’t find in any catalog! Eat your heart out IKEA!

Oh! I forgot the best accessory of all!

The green chair is one of Schrodinger’s favorite spots! In fact, while I am writing this he is napping there right now! Let’s see is we can get another picture…..


Let’s see if we can get closer……

Why is there a camera in my face? I am trying to sleep?



1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Janet
    Apr 02, 2011 @ 14:28:00

    Haha I love it! “Brady-bunch retro” beats IKEA or Ethan Allen any day!


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