Holiday Door: A Personal Challenge.

So I’ve developed a Pinterest addiction lately and it’s not just any Pinterest addiction but an addiction to the education section of Pinterest. I have been finding sooo many great classroom ideas to use and so far I’ve attempted several new ideas that I’ve found.

Lately some people have been posting these amazingly beautiful classroom door decorations where they turn their doors into giant snowmen, Santas, and presents. I looked at the door decorated as a present and realized it was two long strips of paper taped on the door with a bow made from loops of paper in the middle.Paper crafts are not my strong suit but I decided to attempt this with a little help.

I had a couple of 6th grade girls finish a project early so I showed them the picture on Pinterest and they offered to make the middle part. It came out nice. After school I measured and cut the longer paper and put it all together.

Here’s the end result:



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