If The Koppelbergers Wrote a Christmas Letter…

One thing I’ve always looked forward to during the holidays is reading Christmas Letters from friends and family who live far away. If you aren’t familiar with the tradition there is a great episode of “Everybody Loves Raymond” that will explain it better than I can. My sister and I used to always joke about writing one for our family and laughing about how different it would be depending on which family member wrote it.

Anyway, I always wanted to do a Christmas letter of my own but I’m finding that a Christmas letter is VERY different when you are in your mid-late 20s with no kids like we are…and the more I thought about it, the more hilarious the idea became.

So for you enjoyment (and really I mean MY enjoyment) here is “If The Koppelbergers Wrote a Christmas Letter!”

Dear Family and Friends,

Well another year has come and gone, can you believe it? We celebrated our first wedding anniversary in October by having a Halloween Party but nothing compares to the Hallowedding of 2010. Actually, we just took the last of the decorations from the anniversary party down last week. We are still living in the West Akron gypsy camp known as Highland Square. The furnace keeps breaking on us (5 times so far this winter) but that’s the nice thing about renting, they come and fix it for free…eventually.

We’ve had some good news and bad news this year. After surviving 3 rounds of layoffs Katelyn left OHDELA of her own free will! After numerous, torturous job interviews over the summer and nearly as many rejections she ended up with two job offers right before school started! Katelyn is now working at her dream job! She teaches 5th and 6th grade Social Studies, one section of 5th grade Language Arts, and one section of Exploratory Arts at Falcon Academy. It’s an arts integrated charter school and she loves it!  It even came with a $1,000 raise which is great because with how much  they take out for insurance, taxes, union dues, etc…it’s actually coming out to be nearly $200 less per paycheck than her old job but hey, you can’t put a price on happiness…right?

Jordan is still doing great at the University of Akron. He is loving the computer engineering program and made the Dean’s List this semester again. In May he competed with the “RooBots” at a robotics competition in Marion, OH and they were undefeated and came in 1st place. This fall he competed in a 24 hour programing competition and did well but no one outside of engineering actually understands how well. He will be co-oping this summer and is really looking forward to it. Unfortunately, Jordan is no longer working for Geek Squad because the management decided they no longer wanted to work around his school schedule. It’s been hard on us financially but it will be worth it once Jordan is out of school.

Schrodinger is doing well this year. He continues to study physics and loves to snuggle. When he isn’t napping he is finding new things to hide in. He has really been rocking out in the snuggie Santa brought him this year. The reptile and amphibian zoo in the basement is still going strong and we added a uromastyx and a tarantula this year.

While we didn’t get to go on an official honeymoon, back in May we spent weekend visiting the Newport Aquarium and Louisville Science Center. Like all trips to museums, zoos, and aquariums we over analyzed everything about every exhibit. The highlight of  the trip was to see the traveling Star Trek exhibit that was at the science center. We got to sit in Captain Kirk’s chair, stand on a transporter pad, and see all sorts of costumes, props, sets, etc…from all Star Trek shows and movies. Katelyn cried a little. We also went to a Howl at the Moon piano bar where Katelyn had the biggest drink she had ever seen (in one of those long plastic beaker things.)

Our bar trivia team had a fantastic season this year. We had a few victories and at least managed to keep our dignity for most of the season despite Katelyn and Evan’s tenancies to order the most girly drinks on the menu. Katelyn did more volunteer work with Camp Quality in 2011 and plans on doing even more in 2012 while Jordan does his first co-op which means we are both looking forward to a busy summer!

Well, it’s New Year’s Day and Jordan is already asking when we can take the tree down (he didn’t seem to care about the Halloween decorations) and Katelyn goes back to work Tuesday. 2011 was a good year and we are looking forward to what 2012 will bring (Jordan’s 30th birthday being #1 on that list)

We hope you all had a fantastic year and have an even better one in 2012!


Katelyn, Jordan, and Schrodinger Koppelberger




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