Around the Townhouse: Green Bar Stool

I brought home my newest piece of retro furniture today! Not only it super groovy and my favorite color it brings back fond memories from my childhood!

My grandparents had 3 of these green bar stools at their kitchen counter for as long as I can remember… and for probably as long as my dad can remember too..the only problem with them was that there were 3 stools and 4 grandkids! So clearly last one to the kitchen was a rotten egg AND had to sit in a normal chair at the table! Grandma bought some new stools so my sister Kelly, cousin Megan and I each took one. My cousin Andrew graciously took himself out of the equation pointing out that there isn’t much you can do with one stool. That’s a good point and to be honest I’m not sure where I am going to keep it yet considering I have no counter space and if I tried to keep it in my kitchen I wouldn’t be able to open the fridge! Oh the joys of living in this tiny townhouse house!!! I did say that I plan on spinning around on it until I was sick just like when we were kids!

Obviously it has some wear and tear on it and I’m pretty sure those are Andrew’s teeth marks on the side but it still works great! Nothing is bent or dented in the metal legs and no screws are missing there are just some tears in the cushion. I could probably fix it up with a little paint, hot glue and some fabric. I’ll keep an eye out for some ideas to fix it up but for now I really want to leave it just the way it is. It brings back memories of  time with my Grandma Barb and Papa Fred like eating scrambled eggs and toast with jelly for breakfast after sleeping over!

It’s a really silly thing to be so nostalgic over but they were just so cool for some reason! It’s cool to think that I can have this little piece of trips to my grandma and grandpa’s house to share with my future children and grandchildren! Since that is so far in the future for now I will just share it with Scrodinger!




Kate’s Kitschy Korner: garage sale finds and shopping tips!

My sister Kelly and I have started a new tradition of going to Seville Days which advertises as being the world’s largest garage sale. I don’t know if  it is the world’s largest or not but it is HUGE! My sister and I use it for sister bonding, walking, eating fair food, getting some sun and buying amazingly kitschy things! You never know what you’ll find! Last year we found an old movie theater sign! Going to garage sales is in our blood. Our grandparents were serious garage sale aficionados when we were kids and they trained us well. Ever go to an island where all the inhabitants are having garage sales? We have. It’s serious business. It’s also how I grew my giant troll collection!

This year I came to Seville Days ready to shop and found some groovy items to add to my home and classroom. Since they are all vintage items I decided to try out this “Instagram” app everyone has been using for vintage style pictures.

The Muppet Show Record. I couldn’t pass this up! Bonus: We finally have something to play on the record player we got from Jordan’s uncle and we discovered two things: 1. Our record player had a tube amp (Jordan had to explain that to me) and 2. During the theme song where Kermit normally introduces the special guest he says something about it being the very first cast recording and it has different songs than the new album that came out a couple of years ago. It’s copyrighted 1977.

Magnetic Kitchen Witch! I have always wanted a kitchen witch but I don’t have anywhere in our tiny kitchen to hang one. I was so excited when I found this little refrigerator magnet one!

The Great Muppet Caper glasses: Best find of the day! I now own at least one of every glass PLUS they came with the McDonald’s advertisement about them!

Beautiful little blanket. I just love the colors! I think I am going to use it to add some kitschy/vintage flair to the couch or recliner. Clearly Schrodinger approves of the blanket.

Some vintage love for my classroom! A retired teacher was practically giving these away! Best part: they are already laminated!

Now I can even decorate for my least favorite holiday; Valentine’s Day!

Mr. Turkey and his pilgrim friends! The more I look at them the more I love them! I can’t decide if I should use them to decorate my classroom come November or keep them home.

Mushroom salt and pepper shakers. Aren’t they adorable?

So those are my great finds! We only saw a 3 trolls at the entire sale and they weren’t anything worth buying. I guess I’ve bought them all!

As we shopped Kelly and I developed some guidelines for garage sale-ing:

1. You DO want to shop in neighborhoods that are NOT as nice as your own. Most people would think the opposite it true BUT we have come to believe the richer people are the more they think their old junk is worth.

2. Beware of sentimental value. Sometimes people let the sentimental value an item has to them influence how much they try to sell it for. At Seville Days Kelly and I saw a house selling beautiful crochet blankets…and I LOVE crochet blankets. The woman at the sale told us how her sister used to make these blankets by hand every night and how much work went in to them….and was charging $100-$150 per blanket!!! While I do love buying items with a history and I am sure they weren’t easy to make I was just looking for something to add some color to my living room furniture. To me, a buyer, they weren’t worth that kind of money but I did go down the street and find the one I bought for $3.

3. Beware of dealers. At big community wide sale events there are often people who are actually antique dealers or flea market dealers who rent out local’s yards. I don’t think there is anything wrong with this but I am out for a bargain and these people are professionals and know exactly what there stuff is worth. You can sometimes spot dealers by their nice tents.

4. Some people are having a sale to make money, some just want to get rid of stuff…you know which kind you want to find.

5. Old people have the best stuff. Enough said.

6. Get there early. I learned the phrase “The early bird gets the worm” from going to sales with my grandparents. Some sales start closing up as early as 3:00.

7.  Wear sunscreen. I always forget to do this!

8. Wear the right clothing and shoes. You want to be cool and comfortable. I model my look after what my friends who run marathons wear on race day.Don’t forget sunglasses.

9. Bring a big sturdy bag for your treasures.

10. Bring water!

I think next we will tackle the Hartville Flea Market!