Around the Townhouse: Kitschy Knick-Knacks

As I am still recovering from staying up way too late at last night’s pajama party game night and don’t feel like getting any real work done I will give you a tour of some of my favorite little treasures!

1. Green daisy plastic napkin holder: Sadly this isn’t glass but it certainly is pretty. I got it at the Hartville Flea Market a couple years ago. We use it to hold coasters. It has no marks on it saying who made it or when.


2. Little green glass vase: This was a Seville Days garage sale find from a couple years ago for $1-$2, I can’t remember exactly. Also no markings as to when or where it was made but it is glass and I LOVE colored glass! I think the shape of the vase and texture on the glass make this a really neat piece.

3. Inarco Japan Blue Owl Candle Holder: Isn’t he a handsome fellow? I found this guy at the Hartville Flea Market this summer for $2. He reminds me of X the Owl from Mister Roger’s Neighborhood of Make Believe. You know…he lived next door to Henrietta Pussycat and took correspondence courses? Anyway. THIS blue owl has a hole at the top of his head for a taper candle. On the bottom is a gold sticker that reads “INARCO JAPAN” and beneath the sticker it is stamped E-4512 INARCO. I tried to find some information about him online but I can’t find this exact owl anywhere! I found the same candle holder type in brown on etsy for $8 and other Inarco products in this shade of blue but I can’t find a blue owl.


4. My Elf Babies: Man, do I love these three little pixies! I got them at Hartville Flea Market this summer as well. I got all three for $0.75 then found them later in the day for $10. They sell on ebay from $10-$20 per set. The have a gold sticker on the bottom that says “HOMCO Made on Taiwan” and on the bottom they are stamped 5213 and have a logo or signature that looks like two crossed ski poles or something. I’ve tried researching them as well and while I have had more success than with X the Owl I haven’t found out a lot about the company, just that lots of people find them as adorable as I do. I think I like them so much because they remind me of The Littl’ Bits, the cartoon on Nick Jr. back in the 1990s. If you don’t remember it, or want a blast of the past, I found the intro on YouTube


5.  Some vintage trolls! These three are some of the older pieces in my collection. Bert, who wearing the blue felt pants and red felt vest is actually stamped on his feet “Thomas Dam 1977” and “Made in Denmark.” Ziggy, who is the one dressed kind of like David Bowie…hence the name…is stamped with the Wishnik double horseshoe on his feet and has UNEEDADOLLCOINC. MADE IN CHINA stamped on his back. Daisy is the orange hair troll and is dressed in felt just like Bert but has no markings anywhere. I think at one point I knew where she came from but now I am not sure. She does have REAL mohair!


5. GIANT Lava Lamp: Special occasions such as game nights and holidays mean turning on the giant lava lamp. Jordan purchased it at Target years ago. That’s a regular sized pop can in the picture so you can get a feel for how big it is.

Well, those are a few of my favorite things!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Claire C
    Oct 01, 2012 @ 12:45:13

    I love the owl, he is lovely. Would be quite happy to have him in my house 🙂


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