If the Koppelbergers wrote a Christmas letter….



We spent 2012 still living in the ghetto adjacent gypsy camp known as Highland Square. Had a few zombie parades march by us and a great festival in the neighborhood this year. With our financial situation being what it is, we will be living here until Jordan is done with school.  No vacations were in the cards for us in 2012. We had planned a camping trip down to Hocking Hills but picked the only weekend of nonstop rain during the month-long drought.


Katelyn is still working at the Falcon Academy and still loving it! In June she helped direct Seussical Jr. Her school earned a grant through itheatrics and NBC’s Smash: Make a Musical program where itheatrics professionals came out to work with the staff and students and helped to fund the musical program. The show was a huge success! Then this summer itheatrics invited Katelyn and FACA’s music teacher Laura to their conference in NYC.  They had a great time! Got to see Time Square and a Broadway show and learned a lot about how to put on a musical. Only downside was that the night before Kate fell down the basement stairs and broke her foot in two places. She spent the whole trip on crutches but it was worth it!

Jordan had a co-op this summer at Keithley Instruments in Solon working on product testing. He really enjoyed it and was excited to start again in December once his fall classes ended. He still loves the computer engineering program at Akron and has made the Dean’s List every semester. He had some opportunities to do undergrad research during the fall semester.

We both spent time up at Camp Quality this summer. Katelyn spent the whole week at camp helping out with programs and Jordan came out to make mini robots with the kids. Katelyn’s mom and Jordan’s parents came out to help a few times too.

We have had to cut back on bar trivia this year for financial reasons but really cleaned house on Sci-Fi/Fantasy themed night. The Kerfuffle really gained regular status in 2012 at karaoke nights at On Tap. We may need to regroup and set a new goal.

Schrodinger’s big accomplishment of 2012 was learning to open kitchen cupboards on his own. He still studies physics and enjoys napping, snuggling, throwing his toys down the stairs and plotting world domination.

2012 was a good year. 2013 should bring some exciting things including Katelyn starting grad school, Jordan doing more co-op work, Katelyn’s Destination Imagination team competing, another school musical, and another wonderful summer. 


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