Kate’s Kitschy Korner: Some New Favorites

Today at work we had training on our iPads and I want some more practice so I am attempting to post this from the iPad, fun stuff!

Check out some tacky, retro, and groovy finds:

Here’s a great blanket we found to go on Schro’s chair. I love granny squares! We bought it at The Village Discount Outlet.


We also got these records there. I remember one of my favorite teachers in high school had the Tijuana Brass one on his classroom wall so I couldn’t pass it up. When Jordan and I first started dating we saw Simon and Garfunkel play at The Q so having them on vinyl is about as romantic as you can get. We picked up Tapestry because it is just an amazing album and Abba just to annoy my dad and Jordan with my closet love of disco…I know I should be ashamed of myself!


My mom got me this for Christmas and I love everything about it. I mean a little catch-all frog; what’s not to love? I think it would make a cute little tray for cheese cubes. You could put toothpicks in the frog’s mouth. Not that I host the type of fancy soirĂ©es that would call for cheese cubes.


Thanks to some amazing family members on booth sides of the family we are now the proud owners of Burger King glasses from Star Wars: A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back! I mean wow! I keep them in the built in display cabinets alongside the Muppet glasses from a previous post. Check these beauties out!