Seville Days 2013

I know what you must be wondering: how was Seville Days this year with Kelly being in L.A?

Well, the world’s largest garage sale wasn’t the same without my sister but we still had a great time. I dragged Jordan and our good friend Rene out with me. Jordan’s parents met up with us and thank goodness they did because we needed their van to haul home all our good stuff. I made a rookie mistake and got a sunburn but otherwise it was a success!

Rene got a great deal on sets of light fixtures, a vintage board game from her childhood, and a cocomotion-which she tells me will change the way we drink coco this winter.

Jordan bought bongo drums and a conga drum and got them for a good price thanks to Rene.

One of the best purchases we made was our $3 cart. I brought an extra bag and we rigged it up to save on trips to the car. Rene and I are really brilliant sometimes!


While that was a great purchase check out my tacky purchases this year!





I have to admit that the Star Trek plates are my favorite things. The ceramic kitten is great too. I display him outside on our window sill and Jordan makes fun of me for it.


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