Late in the Day Flea Market Finds

It wouldn’t be summer without at least one trip to the flea market at Hartville Market Place! We went kind of late in the day (and by flea market standards that’s noon) due to my over sleeping and an unexpected detour in Hartville that added an extra half an hour onto the trip there. I’m actually glad we went later because we bought a lot of stuff in the short time we were there so I would hate to see what would have happened if we had been there all day. PLUS we got some good deals because vendors didn’t want to load it all and take it home again. 

Jordan got Super Mario Brothers 2 for NES but I didn’t take a picture of that. Sorry! 

Little Chicken: 
I’ve been wanting a glass chicken like this but I have no where to keep one. My Grandma (the one with the mad garage sales skills) has a large one of these in her living room and I’ve always thought it was cool so I was glad to find a little one for a dollar! Toothpick next to it in picture for scale. 
ImageTroll Matches: 
I know nothing about these and have never seen them before but they make a great addition to my troll collection. The box says they were made in Oslo Norway by Nitedals but a google yielded nothing. 



Frog Bank: 
This guy is pretty psychedelic looking. It was made in Japan by Napcoware.

I found two books I’ve been looking for for ages and one that I had never heard of before. Uncle Shelby’s ABZ Book is a book my speech teacher had in high school and I’ve been trying to find a cheap copy since. It’s a book for adults written by Shel Silverstein. Squids will be Squids is a a modern twist on Aesop’s Fables. My first introduction to this book was seeing it done as a performance piece at a speech and debate competition in high school. It’s hilarious! Every Excuse in the Book Book is a book I think I will keep in my classroom. It’s full of stupid excuses for things like why you didn’t do your homework or clean your room. I spent 50 cents-a dollar on each book. 

Vintage Pinup! 
Since finding our Palmolive advertisement we’ve been on a quest to find more vintage cheesecake-y-ness.  The postcard found a home on our art wall. The magazines are hilariously cheesy! Unlike the Palmolive poster these aren’t as easy to display without taking the actual pinup pages apart. 

The Empire Strikes Back Poster: 
This has to be one of our best finds in a long time. It’s a Topps Gum poster that came with packs of gum but they are big posters so I am guessing you had to REALLY like gum to get them. 

Cosco Stool: 
It took a lot of convincing to get Jordan on board with taking this beauty home! It was the end of the day so the seller cut me a really good deal. I’ve been wanting one of these for a while. It was the right price and is in ok shape. It really needs some work but I need to research it more because I want to keep is as original and authentic as possible. Isn’t it a beauty? 



We are hoping to hit up Hartville a few more times and maybe hit up the Wadsworth flea market too before summer ends. 


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