Sigmund and Schrodinger

All summer I have been saying how I was going to do a post about the newest member of our family but with all the craziness of taking three grad school classes this summer I never found the time. 

Back in June we brought home Schro’s new little brother Sigmund A.K.A Siggy. They didn’t get along at first because Siggy wanted to play and Schro wanted nothing to do with him. Schro got angry and violent for about a week then decided he was totally over it and they are best buddies now. They run around playing and knocking stuff over all day.  

Schrodinger turned 3 in May and Sigmund was 10 weeks old when we got him. He is more of a handful than Schro is. The other day I had two raw ears of corn sitting out on the table that I was going to make salsa with and Siggy decided to help himself to several bites of both ears. Last night he decided to go for a swim in the toilet. 

Enjoy some pictures of my sweet baby boys! 









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