Grandma Angie Wisdom

Whenever you need perspective on life hang out with a grandparent. Today Grandma needed a lift to the pharmacy. I needed to drop off a check at the real estate office so we decided to drive by the house Jordan and I put an offer in on.  I was telling Grandma all about the drama of getting this house and about how it isn’t anything fancy. Here’s what Grandma had to say: 

Me: It’s three bedrooms and 1.5 baths. 
Grandma: Three bedrooms! That’s great! Unless you have 12 kids like my parents did you don’t need more than three. Actually, when we lived on Selzer St. we only had three. One for Mom and Dad, one for the boys and one for the girls. 
Me: Yeah I figured if we have more than two kids they could always share a room. How many sisters did you share a room with? 
Grandma: Oh gosh, before my older sisters got married we were at least 4 to a room. Is the plumbing and wiring on the house good? 

Me: I think so. I even had Dad come and take a look at it and he thought everything looked fine. The electrical panel is new. It’s even got air conditioning and a garage.
Grandma: Luxury!!   

Grandma (looking at the house): It’s huge! A mansion! My first house when I got married was the apartment above the hardware store. It was so small the bed had to pull down from the wall and we had kids living there. *pause* Poor Jennie [my mom] *pause*. 




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