House Update

This place sure is keeping us busy but we are so thankful for it! We’ve also discovered a local consignment auction which as become our new addiction!

Ignore the laundry in the picture we just got the new dresser and night stands today and are in the process of moving all of my stuff into the green dresser from the wood dresser and Jordan’s stuff from boxes to the wood dresser. I didn’t think I liked the wood paneling but with the vintage dresser and groovy bedspread (on sale at Kohl’s) it looks pretty great!


We also had our first unpleasant surprise in the house when Jordan was hooking up the washing machine and a pipe broke! All the hardware stores were closed but luckily it was Dad to the rescue with a spare part!

pipe 1
We put up Christmas lights and outdoor  holiday decorations for the 1st time!

christmas lights 1

christmas lights 2

Check out Mickey and Minnie up close! I got these at the auction!

mickey and minnie

Since our new dishwasher arrived this week and will be installed soon we needed to find something else to keep our microwave on once we say goodbye to the portable dishwasher. We found this at the auction and it is perfect!

Currently we are in the process of painting. Can’t wait to say goodbye to that ugly teal/sea foam/whatever! Pics soon!


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