If the Koppelbergers woite a Christmas Letter 2013

This one is a little late this year since Jordan and I kicked 2014 off with the flu!

2013 was an exciting year for us! We celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary and 10 years of being together. Can you believe that?

We went on two vacations in 2013. In March we went with Jordan’s mom to visit family in Wisconsin and in July we went to Hocking Hills. This was the most traveling we’ve ever done in one year!

In 2013 Katelyn started grad school working towards a masters degree in instructional technology at the University of Akron. She is not a big fan of the program but has earned all A’s and B’s so far and if everything goes as planned she will be graduating in August. She is still working at Falcon Academy and loving it! In March her Destination Imagination team came in 2nd place at the regional tournament and in May she directed the school musical, Annie Jr. In November she got to present at a state conference with two of her colleagues.

Jordan splits his time between classes at the university and co-op periods at Keithley. His latest co-op was in another department and he absolutely loved it. Katelyn still does not understand what he does all day but he gets nothing but compliments.

In June we welcomed a new member of the family, Sigmund (Siggy, SiggilyPuff, PuffPuff, Mamma’s Sweet Baby Boy, Siggy Stardust.) He came home with us a little baby kitten but he is quickly becoming a BIG boy.

It took Schrodinger a little while to get used to having a little brother but they are best buddies now. Schrodinger still likes to snuggle with his daddy more than anything else but wrestling with Siggy is a close second.

The biggest and most exciting thing to happen in 2013 was buying our new home in Copley! We will be working on it into 2014 and beyond but we couldn’t be happier!


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