If the Koppelbergers Wrote a Christmas Letter 2014

Well the letter is late being published again this year because once again we ended a year being sick. This made 2014 a banner year for Jordan because a New Years Eve trip to Urgent Care for a strep test was the first time he’d gone to the doctor in well over a decade.

In 2014 we got a decent amount of work done on the house but no where near as much as we hoped. Our plan seems to be to fix things up until we run out of money, wait until we have money again, and repeat. Our big plan for 2015 is to get the game room fixed up so we will have a place to display Katelyn’s troll collection and Jordan’s arcade machine.

Jordan continues classes at Akron U and working at Keithley. On our 2013 tax returns we discovered he made more money than Katelyn for working the same amount of days despite him being a co-op and her having years of experience in her field. Katelyn is still recovering from the shock. Jordan has started using the phrase “I work in order to support my wife’s teaching habit.”  He is currently working on his senior design project involving autonomous robotic something something something….  Jordan bought a suit to wear to job interviews  and it must have been lucky because Keithley offered him a full time job for when he graduates. Jordan started taking guitar lessons this summer which he is really enjoying.

Katelyn is still at FACA and still loves it. Last school year she directed The Wizard of Oz: Young Performers Edition and while she and Laura left out the live animal performer like in Annie Jr., they did try their hands at 4th-7th graders operating some low level pyrotechnics. It was an amazing show!  Last school year Katelyn coached 3 Destination Imagination teams that all did really well at the regional tournament and one of the teams went to the state tournament and had a blast!  She got Jordan involved as a technical challenge appraiser and how he is hooked on DI. This school year she is coaching 5 Destination Imagination teams because she is out of her damn mind!  The pranks around the school were getting a little out of hand this year but before you go blaming the kids you should know it is the FACA staff that are behaving badly.One of Katelyn’s colleagues let approximately half a dozen grasshoppers loose her car this year. She is now being more careful about where she leaves her keys. Katelyn took her last college class ever in 2014 and now just has to finish her portfolio this semester to be done with her masters degree. Yes, she still hates her program.

Katelyn spent a week at Camp Quality as part of the program team again this year and Jordan came up and did a Lego activity and brought our gang of animals. We’ve made a lot of great friends through Camp Quality, especially Balloon Jeff. People often ask if volunteering at a camp for kids with cancer is sad but camp is full of so many hilarious inside jokes and weird stuff happening behind the scenes that you are laughing so hard the whole week that you don’t have time to be sad.

We took a trip to Hocking Hills again this year with some of Jordan’s relatives. We stayed one night in the same cabin we did last year and another night in a gypsy wagon at Ravenwood Castle. Katelyn has decided that castle life is how she is meant to live.

We celebrating our fourth anniversary by having a Halloween party scavenger hunt at our house. We may need to make the scavenger hunt a tradition because it was so much fun….is that a flamingo or are you just glad to see me?

We’ve had some additions to our family in 2014 including two ferrets named Hobbes and Bandit. For Christmas 2014 Santa brought us a little baby Boston Terrier named Pavlov; she goes by Lovie. She is super cute but farts a lot. Schrodinger and Siggy continue to be awesome and are doing really great with the new animals. Schrodinger is still studying physics and hogging the bed and Siggy is still working on becoming the master of  sleeping in weird places and crying unless the food bowl is at least 75% full at all times.

The rumors are true: Littlefoot did disappear for nearly 2 weeks this summer but Jordan found him hiding in the front yard. We still have no idea how he got out. Sadly our sweet tegu Zeus passed away this year. The iguana is still alive despite being older than some of the adult guests at our monthly board game nights. We are convinced it is going to outlive us all.

Our niece Evelyn was born in January and our nephew Leif turned two which gives us more reasons to walk into Toys R’ Us and ask the salesmen for the most annoying toys they have. Hopefully we will be the next in the family to have kids; in which case family members have already promised to wrap all those annoying toys up and re-gift them back to us. We will see what the future holds.

Between both of us working, being students, fixing up the house, Destination Imagination, Camp Quality, etc…we keep pretty busy. We don’t hit up karaoke and bar trivia as much as we used to which is sad but we try to host board game nights and Jordan is hosting a monthly Pathfinder game so that we still have some sort of social life.

2015 will hopefully bring both of us graduating, more work getting done on the house, and a vacation that actually takes us out of the state of Ohio.


Katelyn, Jordan, Schrodinger, Sigmund, Pavlov and the rest of the Koppelberger Kritters.


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