Tonight I decided to organize my books which was no easy task…and these are just the ones I have at home (I don’t even want to think about organizing my classroom library!)

It made me realize what a magical life I lead. I have several first editions, I have books signed by authors, and books given to me by authors I know. I have picture books my parents read to me and ones given to me by my grandma with my name written out in her perfect handwriting. I have TWO copies of the book I used to check out monthly at the local library when I was a kid. I have books I shared with my sister and ones I now share with my students. I have books that belong to my husband that I’ve taken over as mine. I have books given to my by my college professors. I have books on teaching, Muppets, gardening, trolls, photography, chickens, juggling, and even one on toilet training your cat.I have books that can take you to far off places full of mystery and magic. I have books I keep meaning to read and ones I’ve read a hundred times.I love being surrounded by all these books and I am so fortunate that I have always had the opportunity to lead a life full of literature…I just wish I wasn’t trying to fit them all on two shelves in the guest bedroom!


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