Hey Look I Cooked Something! Beer Can Cabbage

Cookouts are kind of boring for vegetarians. Usually when we cook out we do regular burgers or hot dogs for me and veggie ones for Jordan. Nothing that you could really get excited about…until now.

Beer can cabbage is like a cross between beer can chicken and pulled pork but stands on its own as a thing. It’s a little more time consuming than just putting hot dogs on the grill but totally worth it.

We got the recipe here and they do a better job explaining it than I ever could so check it out then come back for my suggestions.


So here are my thoughts:

I don’t know that the cabbage can stand on its own as an entree but as part of the sandwich with coleslaw, cheddar cheese and jalapenos it was amazing! It does need a sturdy bun.

I used a green cabbage instead of a purple one. I don’t know that it mattered.

The beer I used was Fosters. I think it was a good choice. Believe it or not, I don’t know much about beer. The beer guy at our grocery store helped me pick it out. Make sure when you do it you get a normal sized can. I used one of the fat ones and it created an unstable beer/cabbage tower.

Make sure you have a level surface in your grill….I had an…incident…while basting the cabbage where everything just fell over and I spilled beer all over my charcoal. Still turned out great. No one was hurt.

It isn’t as easy to cut as it looks in the video.

Here are my nonprofessional iphone pictures of what the food actually looks like:



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