Who is KateCreate?

I live is a “fixer-upper” house with lots of “character” with my nerdy, long-haired husband,  our cats Schrodinger, Sigmund, Spock, and Madame Purrie, and our dog Pavlov “Lovie” the Boston Terrible and a slew of reptiles and amphibians.

Currently, I am a teacher for gifted and talented students.  I have also worked at a creative arts school and taught online. In college I was the children’s director at a local museum where I conducted birthday parties, classes, and summer day camps.  I love working with children and have been every since I was an assistant Heroes Camp counselor in 6th grade. I collect troll dolls and I love frogs, Sci-Fi, and Muppets. If I could have the talent of any person ever in the history of the world, it would be Jim Henson’s.

From an early age people have always complemented me on how “creative” I am. On several occasions I believe “creative” was a nice was of saying “unusual” or “odd” but I am those as well. I have a warped sense of beauty that causes me to have a collection of over 500 troll dolls and believe that a collaboration between Brain Froud, Jim Henson, and David Bowie was a gift to humanity. This oddball creativity is what got me through my
30-ish years on this planet and has actually made me rather successful (it hasn’t made me rich yet but we will get there.) As a kid I was voted “Most Creative Student in 8th Grade” and in high school I was voted “Most Likely to Join the Circus,” two titles I let guide me through many future decisions.

Hubby and me on a pretend safari!


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  1. knowledgetoday
    Mar 28, 2009 @ 10:18:58

    I love your site. Keep it up !


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